Understanding mixing: see your plans come to fruition

Material within the blast will mix as it moves. Previously, however, mixing could never be accurately modelled, so misclassification has often taken a backseat to dilution and losses. Until now. With OMP, mixing can now be understood in 3D and at high granularity throughout the whole blast.

There are a number of important factors to consider during mixing to ensure that grade and recovery meet the expected budget. For example, does your mine have different material types? Is it important to separate your mineralisation, grade, rock-types and weathering? Is there a deleterious element or mineral you wish to control? Would it be useful to have a better idea of what is sitting on stockpile?

OMP provides a 3D post-blast model of all numerical block model attributes, allowing you to address all these concerns. Equipped with these modelling insights, you can:

  • Reclassify lower or higher-grade areas that have mixed, where necessary.
  • Create post-blast mark-outs on multiple ore characteristics, based on your operational considerations.
  • Forewarn mining and processing teams of any deviation from plan within the feed.
  • Transfer the high granularity of the post-blast model to stockpile management.
  • Continuously improve future blast designs using quality feedback.

The possibilities go on and on…

Augment’s OMP solution enables us to fully understand the degree of mixing that occurs during blasting, as well as dilution and ore loss. This means you can now see your plans to send material to the right place really work.