Modelling and measuring dilution: catching the quiet thief

When waste or below-grade material is taken in during ore extraction, money and time are wasted on material that has little or no value. Assuming a solid geological model and good mining practices, the highest proportion of dilution is typically introduced during blasting. Operational requirements mean that some rocks will inevitably move during blasting, even when blast designs attempt to minimise dilution.

But what if the dilution during blasting could be modelled and measured? What if blast engineers could receive feedback data on the impact of their design and compliance to it? Markouts could by adjusted for dilution, mine plans could be continuously informed, and a missing link in the reconciliation chain finally filled. 

OMP gives you the information needed to minimise and better understand your contact, internal and mining dilution. It equips your team with the right tools to make informed decisions and get the ore to the right place.