Optimising your open pit ore recovery with the AI-driven Muckpile Block Model™

A world-leading 3D blast movement solution powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and a physics engine, accurately predicting where ore material lands – minutes after the blast.

Dig deeper into the Muckpile Block Model™ with Co-Founder and CEO Brice Gower

The Muckpile Block Model™ Benefits

Increase metal ore recovery


Leveraging a physics engine powered by artificial intelligence, our Muckpile Block Model™ uses extensive data from around the world to precisely track and manage open pit blast movement. This enables miners to increase their ore yield by up to 5%, while also minimising ore loss and dilution.

Improve site safety


Our Muckpile Block Model™ not only saves costs associated with ore loss, it can also be measured using remotely operated drones. This minimises the need for people to be on the drill pad and muckpile, reducing risks to the onsite personnel and leading to improved safety outcomes.

Recover additional revenue


Enabling an increase in ore recovery leads to improvements in potential revenue. The increase in ore recovery created by our Muckpile Block Model™ can create tens of millions of dollars in additional revenue per year, per mine for companies - resulting in a major uplift to their bottom line.

Our clients and partners

For Geology

For the Geology Manager, OMP is a revolutionary blast movement solution that utilizes a physics engine and machine learning to quickly transform the Grade Control Block Model into an accurate Muckpile Block Model™ within a few minutes of a blast.

By utilizing an AI-driven 3D blast movement algorithm, OMP accurately moves every single cubic meter block from the insitu volume of your Grade Control Model into a Muckpile Block Model™ while preserving mass and rock data. With the ability to calculate hundreds of thousands of vectors in under a minute, OMP provides precise information on how the ore has been moved and mixed during blasting which enables the geology team to optimise markout. 

As a software-only solution, OMP seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow and general mining software such as Datamine™. By significantly reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of blast movement measurement and the number of people on the muckpile, OMP is a cost-effective and efficient solution for mines facing challenges with ore loss, dilution, or mixing.

For Drill and Blast

As a Drill and Blast Manager, optimizing fragmentation, reducing Drill & Blast costs, and improving safety are top priorities. However, achieving optimal fragmentation and reducing costs while considering the impact on ore loss, dilution, and mixing can be challenging without an accurate report on blast effectiveness.

OMP’s Muckpile Block Model™ provides an accurate record of a blast’s effectiveness relative to the blast design. This information can be used over time to optimize blast design and drilling practices, minimizing ore loss, dilution, and mixing while also reducing meters drilled and explosives needed to achieve the desired fragmentation.

In addition, OMP is a software-only solution to blast movement prediction and significantly reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of blast movement measurement by eliminating the need for extra blast holes, stemming and sensors and minimising the number of people on the drill pad and muckpile.

For Management

As a Mine Manager, optimising NPV and managing the constraints of mining and safety can be challenging. Making decisions about ore control, mining production, and ore processing can significantly impact ore recovery, metal recovery, and safety.

OMP offers a proven software-only solution to blast movement that seamlessly integrates into your existing workflow and software. This solution reduces the need for people on the muckpile, improving safety and reducing costs.

OMP’s Muckpile Block Model provides missing information to help the Drill & Blast team optimize their blasts, the geology team optimize markout, the load and haul teams get the right material to the right place, and the geometallurgy teams recover more metal.

With OMP, Mine Managers can rely on accurate blast effectiveness data to make informed decisions that improve ore recovery, metal recovery, and safety. This enables them to optimize NPV while balancing the constraints of mining and safety.

Are you ready to keep more of people off the muckpile, reduce ore loss, dilution and mixing and improve metal recovery?

Let us help you by integrating our proven AI Driven 3D Blast movement solution into your existing workflow and reduce your total cost of ownership.