Ore Movement Policy

AI Driven 3D Blast Movement Software

OMP - An innovative solution to dilution, mixing and losses.

AI Driven Blast Movement Software


Accurately understanding and modelling blast movement is a complex, high value problem for mining companies. Even with the application of best practice, accurately predicting the dilution, ore losses and mixing within a muckpile has been indicative at best.

Blast movement impacts many functions throughout mining operations, playing a critical role in mine planning, geology, drill & blast, survey, load and haul, and processing. For decades now, open pit mining operations have been forfeiting hundreds of thousands of dollars a day by not optimising their blast movement technology.

While these losses are well understood, such costs have proven challenging to avoid, despite the best efforts of mining personnel. Augment have created a solution that empowers mining personal to reduce the costs and consequences of blast movement.

OMP,  Ore Movement Policy is a software only, AI driven, 3D solution to blast movement prediction and modelling. Accurately understanding dilution, ore loss and mixing after a blast, enables operations  upstream and downstream to make better decisions based on information, that until now has not been available.


Ore Movement Policy

A More Reliable and Accurate Solution

OMP (Ore Movement Policy) is a  3D modelling solution that uses machine learning to accurately predict where blasted material will end up within the muckpile, including the degree of ore mixing and dilution.

Requiring only standard geology, drilling, and survey data, this prediction allows for vastly improved ore markout accuracy and decision making for load and haul to plant, stockpile, or waste dump. This information then provides feedback to the Drill and Blast team on the compliance of design.

The accuracy and high granularity of the data means planning, drilling, and blasting personnel can use quality feedback to improve their processes. In addition, the comprehensive data validation process and advanced algorithm enable us to provide accurate site-specific results without the need for external measurement hardware.

A 3 in 1 Solution to Dilution, Ore Loss and Mixing

Using the in-situ block model, blasthole data, and survey pickup, Augments’ OMP solution generates a 3D post-blast block model.

The post-blast block model respects the overall tonnage and grade of the in-situ model, and grades are redistributed into the post-blast volume at high resolution and accuracy. Dilution, ore loss, and mixing at the blasting stage can now be modelled at high resolution and understood in detail.

Solving Dilution, Ore Loss and Mixing in 3D

The solution interfaces seamlessly with existing mining software, allowing for a mark-out of the 3D muckpile model. This enables the mining teams to load and haul the right material to the right place.

We work with Management, Geologists, Technical Services Managers, Drill & Blast Engineers and Surveying teams to plan, rollout and optimise this solution.

Dilution  – Catch The Quiet Thief

When waste material is taken in the process of ore extraction, it results in money and time spent on materials that have little to no value to the operation. OMP provides you with the information required to minimise and better understand your contact, internal, and mining dilution.

Ore Loss – Maximise Revenue

Ore material and its value is lost once sent to the waste dump. OMP tells you where the material is in 3D post-blast ensuring your metal goes to the right place.

Mixing – See Your Plans To Improve Performance

Material types are often defined using different criteria and expected production performance. Criteria is mine-specific but separations can be based on rock type, grade thresholds, degree of weathering and oxidation, levels of deleterious elements or minerals, material hardness, and more.

OMP always allows you to understand the degree of mixing at block scale in 3D, and throughout the whole blast. Misclassification is avoided, and then informed plans can be made that work as expected.  


Better | Easier | Transparent | Best Practice |

Using hundreds of thousands of vectors, blast movement is defined in 3D and a ‘moved’ post- blast block model is created.

  • Robust machine learning algorithms ensure movement considers all important variables specific to your mine – blasts parameters, rock characteristics, structures etc.
  • Results are continuously validated providing feedback to ensure algorithms learn how your specific material moves for your blast designs, even as parameters change over time. No more one-size-fits-all approximation – accurate results for your mine.
  • Software driven approach – once standard geology, blast, and survey data is collated the site-specific algorithm will process results in minutes. No more inconvenience to operations.
  • Our system will integrate with yours – geology, drill and blast, survey and planning, we will fit in with your existing setup.

  • Results are communicated in a customisable interface tailored to the needs of all stakeholders. Transparent easy-to-understand reporting helps engage all teams in understanding how all material can be sent to the right place.

  • Remote deployment – Our software only solution means that no site visit is required to implement, optimise and support OMP.
  • Opens the door to exciting new digital opportunities such as virtual 3D mining and live reconciliation.


OMP Dashboard

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