Unlocking The Power of AI

In Your Business

Human Experience + Artificial Intelligence = Dynamic Business Solutions

Developing Dynamic Business Solutions For Your Business

At Augment, we understand that clients are experts at their business. With all arms of the business at full capacity, most companies don’t have the space to acquire an internal AI team. What they need is an outsourced AI team that operates as an extension of the business and teams, that can be trusted to help realise the opportunities that AI presents, whilst mitigating the risk of developing and deploying new technologies.

Augment Technologies now have more than three year’s experience in developing artificial intelligence solutions for enterprise clients. We have developed multiple solutions and know that in order to be successful we need the people, technology and methodology that works.

Our proven methodology helps our clients avoid the opportunity cost, the real cost, and the embarrassment of failing to develop and deploy solution. Too often the technology is blamed for failure rather than the poor execution.

Our solutions are being used across the globe helping clients to leverage AI, to improve the way they do business. From environment and safety through to geology, drill and blast all the way through benefaction and mine closure, we have deployed practical solutions that work.

Our solutions are helping our clients avoid injuries and save hundreds of thousands of dollars a day.

People + Technology + Methodology


We lead with an international, multidisciplinary team of experts passionate about technology, who focus on working together to create unique solutions.


We have invested in developing powerful tools that enable us to reduce the cost and time to deliver solutions – from years to weeks.


We lead with a design thought approach, while embedding a lean and agile methodology into the way we operate. This allows for root cause problem solving, rapid iteration and continuous improvement loop results in the repaid deployment of practical solutions.

How You Deploy The Solution, Is The Solution

We Augment people and businesses through the use of technology, to maximise the benefits and minimise the risk. 

Our frictionless interactions and working relationships with you and your business is what sets us apart.

Understanding that technology alone is not a viable solution – it is the application of AI in a business, with the right people and right technology, that makes us different. By combining commercial insight, people and technology, we see extensive business growth by utilising a faster, personal and more intuitive solution to current business problems.

World-Class Brain Power

In a world that is constantly accelerating, it is in our DNA to stay at the forefront of technology and learning. The sheer breadth of the industry and technology means no one person can do this alone.

Our team is dispersed worldwide. From working at Google headquarters, to being a lead Geologist in Botswana, we recruit selectively and ensure that we have the best people. We love innovative thinkers, pushing boundaries and exploring limitations.

We are constantly immersing ourselves in the latest academic and industry publications to keep up with the rapid evolution of technology. We are also continually experimenting with new tools based around critical thinking, to ensure we have first-hand experience and understand their applications. Our team stays in-front of what is happening, so you don’t need to.

Although our technology is applicable for many sectors, we have chosen to focus on the mining sector. Mining has many opportunities to realise significant value from AI and IoT.

Our Clients

Our clients rely on us to deliver their objectives. With data as our DNA, we focus on augmenting all aspects of the business challenge to deliver a unique solution to complex, high value problems. We have the people, the technology and the methodology to deliver practical, commercially, beneficial solutions in the shortest times and at a reasonable cost.

Augment clients rely on us to rapidly deploy practical solutions that reduce the time to benefit from technology, creating returns sooner and competing more effectively.

Augment clients recognise that it takes a multidisciplinary team of experts to effectively deploy a technology solution and align subject matter experts throughout the process.

Augment clients understand that finding a team of experts if not easy and that to be successful, they must be enabled with insights and means, for rapid deployment of practical solutions.

Augment clients are in the business of their business, not in the technology business. This means they are looking to leverage our subject matter expertise to reduce costs, improve productivity and compete more effectively.

Augment clients understand that they ‘don’t know what they don’t know’ and look for our team of experts to be their technology division, working closely with other business teams to identify opportunities that can create value across the business.

Are You Ready to Join us at the Forefront of AI Convergence?

Let us help Augment your business with a customised solution that creates value, productivity and insight for your business.