OMP – an innovative 3D modelling solution to dilution, ore loss and mixing

For decades now, open pit mining operations have been losing hundreds of millions of dollars each year through ore losses, dilution and mixing. And while these losses are well understood, such costs have proven challenging to avoid, despite the best efforts of mining personnel.

Augment Technologies have created a solution to reduce these costs – OMP.

OMP is a 3D modelling solution that uses machine learning to accurately predict not only where blasted material will end up within the muckpile, but also the degree of ore mixing and dilution that will occur. Blasting is not an exact science, so being able to accurately understand the modelling blast movement is a complex , and high-value, problem.

As we have seen, even with the application of best practice, predicting the dilution, losses and mixing within a muckpile has been indicative at best – hence a more accurate, practical and easily deployable solution is now required.

OMP’s 3-in-1 solution to dilution, ore loss and mixing comes with no pain and all the gain. Read on to find out how OMP modelling can help your operation minimise loss by enabling you to:

  1. Accurately predict complex blast movements
  2. Measure and minimise your contact, internal and mining dilution
  3. Understand mixing and adapt your operational plan accordingly.

Figure 1: The mine’s 3D in-situ block model is converted to a 3D post-blast muckpile model using OMP. Metal contained within the blast (plus any other characteristic measured numerically) is redistributed at high granularity to the modelled post-blast location. Dilution, ore loss, and mixing are predicted in 3D.